Forma Light is an IPL Device for:

  • Hair Removal
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Skin Whitening
  • General Pigmentation
  • Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)


The Pulsed Light Alternative: Forma Pulsed Light Systems offer a lasting solution for unwanted hair.

Permanent: Concentrated pulses of light loosen the hair and disable the cells responsible for new hair growth.

Fast: Small areas, such as the underarms or upper lip, can be treated in 10 minutes or less, and even large areas, like the back or legs, can be treated in under a half hour.

Comfortable: Various cooling methods keep the light pulses mild and skin-safe, allowing for more comfortable treatments than electrolysis and waxing.

Convenient: Unlike waxing, there is no need to let hair grow out between treatments. You can remain hair free all the time.

The Forma hair removal hand pieces emit pulses of light into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment, you can expect a mild sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling. This usually lasts 2-24 hours, and can be soothed with cold gel or ice packs.

At any given time, some of your hair is not in a phase of active growth. Therefore you will need more than one treatment to affect the growth of all your unwanted hair.

Typically, several treatments will be necessary to achieve permanent hair reduction.


Skin Rejuvenation

A procedure that treats skin with:
Sun damage & age spots
Redness & broken blood vessels
Aging process

Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Removes or lightens brown spots and broken blood vessels
  • Treats rosacea (inflammation of the face)
  • Stimulates growth of new collagen and elastin
  • Reduces wrinkles and spider veins


Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Face / Head

Lip & Chin60.00
Neck back or front80.00
Neck back & front120
Full Face130.00

Chest / Abdomen

Chest(Men 150.00) 120.00
Abdomen(Men 190.00) 150.00
Chest & Abdomen(Men 280.00) 200.00
Belly(Men 75.00) 60.00
Shoulders(Men 150.00) 120.00


Fingers(Men 40.00) 30.00
Hands(Men 60.00) 50.00
Underarms(Men 70.00) 60.00
Half Arms(Men 160.00) 110.00
3/4 Arms(Men 210.00) 150.00
Full Arms(Men 250.00) 180.00


Upper or Lower(Men 150.00) 130.00
Upper & Lower(Men 250.00) 220.00
Shoulders(Men 150.00) 120.00
Midline(Men 80.00) 60.00
Full Back(Men 280.00) 220.00

legs and bikini

Toes(Men 40.00) 30.00
Feet(Men 60.00) 50.00
Knees(Men 60.00) 50.00
Lower Legs(Men 180.00) 160.00
Upper Legs(Men 250.00) 200.00
Full Legs(Men 350.00) 280.00
Bikini - French120.00
Bikini - Brazilian140.00
Thong Line75.00
Full Body600.00
Package of 63000.00

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

photo facial

First Session240
Second Session200
Third Session160

body treatment

Sun Spots-Brown Age Spots, per session100 - 200.00
Spider Veins, per session100 - 250.00
Rosacea, per session100 - 240.00
Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis), per session80.00

body treatment

Sun Spots-Brown Age Spots, per session100 - 200.00
Spider Veins, per session100 - 250.00
Rosacea, per session100 - 240.00
Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis), per session80.00