European Manicure

Includes: shaping nails, massage with cream and oil, nourishing, cleaning and gently trimming cuticles, followed with special basecoat, then nail polish and in the end sealed with quick dry topcoat. The nails will stay in good condition for long time.

40 min. — $25 and $32


Manicure with scrub

Regular manicure followed by orange or lemon scrub, hot towels, wrap and massage.

45 min. — $30 and $37


French manicure

45 min.— $29 and $36


Gel Manicure with CND Shellac or OPI Polish

14+ days of wear
Crystal shine finish
Zero dry time
No chipping
Requires UV light and special 5 min. Removal

60 min. – $52


Gel Manicure without UV Light

Essie Gel Couture or CND Vinylux
Instant gel-like shine and long lasting nail color
Up to 14 days of wear
Ultra glossy finish with quick drying top coat
Prevents chipping
Easy removal

45 min. – $27


Additional Keratin Treatment



Regular Manicure25.00 & 32.00
French Manicure29.00 & 36.00
Pedicure55.00 & 65.00
French Pedicure59.00 & 69.00
Change of Polish (Mani)16.00
Change of Polish with Filing20.00
Change of Polish (Pedi)28.00
Change of Polish with Filing (Pedi)38.00
Spa Pedicure85.00
Nail Tips (Full Set w/o Mani)70.00
Nail Wrapping (Full Set w/o Mani)50.00
Manicure with Scrub30.00 & 37.00
Pedicure with Scrub65.00 & 75.00
CND Shellac Manicure52.00
CND Shellac Pedicure79.00
CND Shellac Removal12.00
Manicure up to 12 yrs old14.00
Pedicure up to 12 yrs old30.00
Gel Manicure w/o UV Lamp27.00
Gel Pedicure w/o UV Lamp59.00
Keratin Treatment (Mani)7.00
Keratin Treatment (Pedi)10.00