This traditional facial includes massage of the face and neck, cleavage area, steaming the face followed by a deep cleaning of the pores, then finish with soothing and calming mask. This treatment leaves skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed.

Time: 75 min. — $130


Facial-Acne & Problem Skin

This facial includes deep cleansing and special products used to kill bacteria and stop infection with a medical mask at the end.

Time: 75 min. — $140


Facial-Oxygen Treatment with Vitamin C

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and strengthens blood vessels. This treatment stimulates cellular oxygenation and eliminates impurities, Increases elasticity, revitalizes and hydrates skin.

Time: 75 min. — $135


Paraffin Facial

Paraffin wax masque is an ideal treatment for skin that is naturally dry, dehydrated, or aging. The warmth of the mask relaxes the skin and allows the product to deeply penetrate, relaxing skin and muscles.

Time: 75 min. – $135


Detoxifying Facial

Very good for all skin types. It follows with a one-of-a-kind mask, then detoxifying using a foaming action. It then elevates the skin and opens the pores, thus perfectly removing all impurities and inserting nutrients into the skin cells.

Time: 75 min. – $130


Back Cleansing Treatment

Time: 60 min. – $120


Facial with Microdermabrasion

Time: 90 min. – $230